Get Out Fest FAQs

What should I expect at Get Out Fest?

Get Out Fest is a community-led effort, organized by volunteers and supported by area clubs, government agencies, community sponsors and partners. We want our rugged, DIY, local style to shine through. While there are a handful of planned events and organized activities, we're leaving a lot of breathing room in the schedule so you can talk to our local trail experts and choose your own outdoor adventure. Ferry County is a less-traveled path with an abundance of nearby recreational opportunities, and we hope Get Out Fest will connect you to YOUR public land and let you experience what Northeast Washington has to offer.

We also want you to have a place to come together with friends and family when your day of running, biking, hiking, fishing, skating, climbing, or just plain old relaxing is done. The Ferry County fairground facility has plenty of space for everyone to grab a campsite, recharge, and enjoy live music. Basic amenities like fresh water, bathrooms, showers and handwashing stations are provided, but do plan to be self-sufficient and bring everything you need for a comfortable camping experience. If you're tent camping, you will park your car in an area away from your campsite, so plan on carrying your gear a short distance -- a couple hundred yards max.

As with any camping trip, pack plenty of clothing layers to keep yourself comfortable, and plan for variable weather.

Some food vendors will be on site, but in the spirit of self-sufficiency, bring your favorite snacks and camping meals to supplement other options. If you will be out adventuring during the day, plan on bringing your own snacks, meals, and lots of water for your trips. The fairgrounds are close to the town of Republic (3 miles via the Rail Trail or Hwy 20), where you can enjoy the various restaurants or stock up at the grocery stores.

What about sustainability?

Get Out Fest is committed to sustainability through the following practices:

Reducing single use containers

The festival strives to minimize all single use dishware, cups, and utensils. We encourage all attendees to bring their own reusable cups, water bottles, utensils and dishware for camping and outdoor activity purposes.


There will be free tap water available on the fairgrounds at camping locations and RV sites.

Recycling & composting

Recycling and composting receptacles will be dispersed throughout the fairgrounds. Volunteers will be monitoring and collecting items for recycling and composting during the festival.

Is Get Out Fest family friendly?

Yes! Kids under 18 get into the festival free because we think it's especially important for kids to get out.

We're working on all the details and information to share with you about amenities and activities specifically for families and kids. We aim to create a positive, inclusive, and safe environment for everyone. Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Can I bring my dog to Get Out Fest?

Pets are not allowed on the fairground property, with the exception of service dogs with credentials.

Dogs are welcome in other non-fairgrounds locations such as the Colville National Forest, on the Rail Trail (when the Half Marathon & 5k run is not in progress), and other locations. Owners must have control of dogs at all time.

What if I need special assistance?

Get Out Fest basecamp at the fairgrounds will be staffed with a First Aid station and medical professionals to assist with any special needs you may have.

Note: 2.5 miles of the Golden Tiger segment of the Rail Trail is paved, ADA compliant, and includes an ADA accessible vault toilet. 5.5 miles of the Rail Trail at Curlew Lake are crushed rock and ADA accessible.

If you have questions about assistance or accommodations of any sort, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team with specific questions at